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Tulip Massage


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After a couple of years of near celibacy - driven by low sex drive after about 11:00 am daily - I moved toward "involvement" with a couple of selected professional nightlife performers. Feeling a need to "refresh my game" in anticipation of coming events, I bowed to the inevitable, and picked up a five-pack of Kamagra gel packets at the pharmacy next to Bully's - and devoted myself to giving that solution a "test drive."


Well, Kamagra works wonders. For me, it seems to "kick in" within about 35-40 minutes - and its effects are still quite operational some 16-18 hours later. Along the way, it lets me pull off about three "sessions" within a two-hour massage - if the masseuse is up for it.


So - anyway - to give my new pharmaceutical solution a proper workout, I began visiting various massage shops. I tried a couple on Soi 23, and one on a sub-soi off Soi 24 (which had been written up on Stickman's site). All were pretty much the same - pick the girl from a gaggle that were hanging around, be lead upstairs, shower yourself, lie down, girl eventually comes in - clothed - and starts a legitimate massage on your back, with you lying face down. As time moves on, and small talk progresses, you can eventually talk them out of their clothing, and move on to more sensual activities - and - at four different shops - quite complete "full service" was eventually forthcoming - pretty much with a smile.


Fairly consistent approach.


And then I visited Tulip massage - located virtually underneath the Thonglor BTS Station on the south (even Soi) side. Non-descript entrance, which leads to a large room with a small beauty parlor on one side, and a small reception desk. On my first visit, at about 3:30 pm, a plain looking lady was at the desk - I told her I wanted a two-hour oil massage - and she spoke a name into a microphone - and a slightly chubby girl (by Thai standards) popped out of a doorway leading to a back room. She was not particularly beautiful, but she had a big smile - and I just decided to go with the flow. She led me upstairs to a room, turned on the aircon, asked me what I wanted to drink (I asked for cold water), and told me to just wait for her - and she left the room.


Oh - by the way - this girl spoke almost no English - I speak Thai well enough that we had smooth communications throughout - but I would suggest that a non-Thai speaker specifically ask for a girl that speaks your language.


After a couple minutes,a service girl brought a bottle of water and a glass of ice to the room. The masseuse was gone for almost ten minutes, and I had just started undressing myself, when she returned, with a basket full of "stuff". She squealed at me to stop undressing, as she unloaded items from the basket around various corners of the massage bed. Then she came over and slowly undressed me. I then stepped toward the shower - and she proceeded to peel off all her clothes. She then joined me in the shower, waited for the water to heat up, and then began soaping me up. Big smile, big tits, more solid/strong body than I had perceived while she was dressed. Responded happily to my exploring her body - and gave me a long warm kiss when I made that initiative. After soaping and washing off my legs and groin area, the Kamagra effect was kicking in, and she happily started a slurping blow-job right there in the shower.


After couple of minutes I pulled her up, and she gave me a good rise all over, and suggested that I exit the shower - and she then gave herself a full scrub-down. I had started drying myself - but she again squealed at me to stop and wait for her - and she got out and diligently dried me off - and then gently pushed me toward the bed. I laid down on my back - Kamagra effect at full mast - and watched her dry off. She then came over to the bed, and went right to work on my flagpole, with a quite talented mouth and tongue.


There is no bull-shitting around at Tulip massage - it is all pleasuring, all the time.


Over the next 100 minutes or so, this lady proved herself to be virtually the Energizer bunny. She was "game on" for everything (I'm not into anal - so I don't know about that) - and wore an ear-to-ear smile throughout. This girl was EXTREMELY responsive to stimulation - of nipples, by kissing, and by more obvious and direct stimulation. This ended up being right up there with the best experiences I have ever had - unbounded enthusiasm - the girl got herself off four or five times - and she got me off three times by 1 hour 40 minutes - at which point I was worn out, and called it a day.


This girl LOVED sex, and loved to please - and blew away every other masseuse I had visited over the previous couple of weeks.


The two-hour oil massage was 800 baht - and I gave the girl 1,500 baht, and she seemed happy.


Ten days later I returned to Tulip, and asked for the same girl - but she was not there that day. This time, there was no one at the reception desk when I came in (about 1:00 pm) - but someone from the beauty shop side of the room came over - and it was katooey. She handed me a binder that opened to a two-page spread of girl's pictures - probably about 50 girls total. I picked one, the katoey spoke the name into a microphone, and the chosen girl quickly appeared.


The rest of the experience was pretty much the same - but this girl was slimmer and prettier, and spoke English quite well, and was not as "bubbly" enthusiastic as the girl from my first visit. Still - she delivered the goods - and was "game on" for anything I wanted, for as many times as I could muster. A completely satisfying experience.


By the way, in our small talk, I learned that over the 18 months she had worked there, she had made more than 100,000 baht per month during one five-month stretch, but that business recently was down quite a bit. She worked six days a week, and typically did 2-3 massages per day (although an average of four per day, in the "good old days").


The only slight glitch came when I went downstairs to pay - this time I had just specified a 90 minute massage, which ran 600 baht. So - gave my girl 2,000 baht, and told her to keep the change. There was brief discussion with the cashier - and they made me understand that 1,500 baht was the "standard" tip for the girl. It was bit awkward - so I just dug out another 100 baht note, and handed it to her. I feel that my money was well spent - but I was a bit taken back by the idea that they require a standard tip. Then again, I had not discussed money any time during the session, so I suppose that price might have been revealed to me, if I had asked.


Unless I want a real massage, I will not be bothering with any other massage venues in the future - Tulip leaves the rest in the dust.

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Mr. Stone Soup ,


like yourself I am a believer in the advantages of celibacy but sort of unconsistant . It is therefore that I steer for places like Teen massage to restart a new celibacy period in pride and dignity from time to time . I have to say here that these places confuse the guest by avoiding clean pricing strategies by leaving the " rest " to be quoted by the relevant lady who usually thinks you would know the tariff anyway . What makes things really bad is that you have to deal with a higher than expexted bill at a time when you have lost any desire and just wish you found a taxi soon .


I fully agree with you , it is not good .

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i've never known what to make of massage places... :dunno:

my first visit to yhailand was a learning experience and as i knew fuck all about the nightlife areas i soon discovered a place near my hotel(peturbari rd)and used it each night and actually did get a good massage and then enjoyed what followed...... :wink:


went to annies years later and straight into sex with 2 ladies and no hint of a massage(but the 2 cim's were very good)and i found eden's a big disappointment.

i used to go to cristins in patong every visit but still not what i wanted.

i stayed in a hotel opposite cristins on my last visit and whilst spending 3 days without sex i was'nt really bothered about visiting.

wether sex/massage comes first i like to have both experiences.


my last 2 visits to phuket have had me benefit 2 ladies who would like to have sex and then give me a full body massage with oils and really getting their hands into my body.

much more sensual/enjoyable with someone you know.


i realise places like eden's/annie's and cristins may not be classed as 'real' massage parlours and are just glorified knocking shops and that is why i tend to give them a miss these days.

i like a proper massage and if more is offered afterwards then i will think about it.

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I've been a regular at Tulips since it opened (2005? or so), it was started by a few girls who used to work in Baron's (now closed). Since then, various ex tulip girls have started up similar places, mango, Victoria, snowwhite etc. I tried them all, but still like Tulip best. Recently only visited rarely, since I live in chonburi.


The formula works for me, I rarely ever had a dud. I used to have a shortlist of five (Dao , Nice, Tina, C and May)

Nice and C retired ("Privatised by falang? Not sure) Tina and May are reported to have started in the new places, and as far as i know Dao is still there. although she is now getting older, and not petite, she is a stellar performer (Pun intended , Dao means star). Many of the girls there are 3-holers, which is Ok if that rocks your boat, but almost all of them seem to have great energy.


Oh, the price of 1500 tip on top of Oil massage fee of 400/hr has been standard since the start. I usually give a bit extra tip.


Try tke out overnight, for only a little more, she'll come to the hotelroom after 10.00 Pm and stay until morning, very well worth it.

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