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God damnit....




Ratchadaphisek road flooded


Water from the drains on Friday morning inundated Ratchadaphisek road in front of the Civil Court and Chankasem Rajabhat-University near Ratchadaphisek-Lat Phrao intersection, reports said.


The water was reported about 10 centimetres deep and passable for all vehicles for the moment.


Issarameth Kachanukul, chief of Chatuchak district said this morning that the sub-districts of Lat Yao, Senanikom, Chatuchak and Chankasem had been declared emergency disaster zones.


The remainder of Chom Thong sub-district is now declared a flood zone special watch, he added.

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That's the biggest concern - sewer water rising. It happened 2 days ago on the Chatuchak side of Klong Prapha, hit the low lying areas. (Not bad, just a few inches deep ... a nuisance not a threat). I looked at the drains in my neighbourhood today - water about a foot below the road surface. If we get anything, it will be from there.


That section of Ratchadapisek in front of the Court and by Chankasem is quite low though, it flooded there a couple of weeks ago. Gone in a day or two. I've seen it flood after just a heavy rain.

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I was told that if water gets to the 20 ~ 30cm mark in a moo baan, the electric will be shut off and remain off until all the water has drained away and the electric system has been checked out...which for some areas could be a matter of months!


I guess it might vary a bit from place to place. Our house is 2.5m above street level and the electricity was still on almost until it reached the height of the meter on the pole in the street. Houses across the street built at street level had a good 6 feet of water in them by then.


I think the idea is that at around 20cm it is getting to the level where the outlets tend to be so it needs to be shut off for safety. I was told that they will come around and disconnect the meters putting them back on as they check the houses out.


Figure if its off its going to stay that way for months.

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