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What Will Happen To All The Sandbags?


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No, not heard anything like that, but have heard plenty of stories about cars being broken into / stolen that are parked on the highways.


Most parking has been full for weeks already. It's so bad that when we took our car to Robinson a few days back we could barely get a space (outside only) as the carpark was completely full. Bit surprised malls allow this as it must hurt them; I mean we came very close to just leaving again because we couldn't find a parking space.



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from what i understood malls & various other providers of 'free longterm parking for flood victims' was meant to only offer this to people in risk however that may be proved lol...


I can easily see conflicts over parking, but somehow no or few such have made it to the news so far?

anyone can confirm reports of cars being towed from expressways etc (if double/tripple parking)?

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I saw a car that some genius had tail-ended, really bashing it up. Probably didn't even notice it wasn't moving when he piled into the rear end at a fairly high speed, judging by the damage.


I've looked for sandbags, though I don't think I will need them. They are a scarce item and I didn't find any. Reports in the papers of people stealing them to protect their own homes.

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