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!%& Tsa


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Well this morning I put the mrs. on a flight to go home.

No things are good.


Just moved up her flight due to my wrk schedule.

Anyhow she leaves Dallas no problem. Gets to Chicago for her flight to bkk.

I call her aat 9am and she's there and finding her way to the next gate for her 12 o'clock flight.

I call her again at 11:30. No answer, mobile still open.I leave msg. you ok?

Well at 11:45 she calls me all upset. She says police stop me and ask wht am i doing and where am I going too.?

She tells them Thailand to vist family.

Do you have boarding pass they ask. Why yes I do here it is.

How did you get to Chicago?

I flew from Dalls,.Well your address is in Ga. Why did you fly from Dallas they ask.

My husbands work. He is a truck driver.

They kept asking her all sorts of what I think were dumb questions trying to trip her up I believe.

Then the crap hits the fan.

Do you have cash money. Yes I do, but under 10K so I do not need to report it.

They take her to a private office and ask her to show them the money. She says why, I have this much money and it is not near or close to 10K.


They threatened her with taking the money under the drug running and money laundrying laws.

She then blows up.

Tells them she is not drug runner or laundrying money.

They have her show the money, which by the way was in a bank envlope.

I find out that when I left her a voice mail they were taking to her.She said this is my husband calling now. Would you like to talk with him?


They then checked my flight schedule I guess because they asked her when I was flying over as she stated prior I was coming later next month..


She barely made her flight and was very upset. So now I have to wait almost 20 hours to hear the full story.

She said they took either 3 or 4 other people out of the line also..


Damm arses!!!

Any body taking odds I get jacked up next month now??

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Welcome to the United States of (gov) Assholes!


a little off topic but,'goodbye to the United States (gov) Assholes.


my last visit to 'the land of the free' in 2007 resulted in me being stripped searched in 2 different airports for a henious crime.

in the mornings of my trip i used to take the family dog for a walk to the local petrol station and get a coffee,some doughnuts and take advantage of the free sachets of sauces they had by the food items(tomato.salad,barbecue,chilli types etc).

my crime was to have these small sachets in my luggage and i was told i had broken the rules of carrying liquids in my luggage.

i know the world was on a heightened sense of security in those days but a sachet of tomato sauce does'nt seem a threat to me.

but i accepted their decision just to get away from them and get my flights home.


but the barstards pin-pricked every sachet and then replaced them in my baggage.

when i got home i found the liquid had leaked out all over my packed belongings and made a hell of a mess.

i was'nt happy......... :angryfire::angryfire::banghead::banghead::mad::mad:

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Hey, these guys aren't stupid. They know that Thailand is right on the US border and is an entry point for lots of smuggled drugs.


Or is that Tijuana? :hmmm:


WTF it starts with a T and that is suspicious enough. :(


p.s. Last time I flew to Thailand from the States, the dipshits tore through my carry-on bag. I suppose I looked suspicious, with my western European features and all. Typical Islamic militant type. I'm mistaken for a German a lot. :hmmm:


I suppose their logic is that if you were a good, docile, obedient American, you wouldn't be flying anywhere anyway.

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I doubt it would be TSA. Customs, FBI, or local police is more likely the agency involved. Did you pay for the airline ticket in cash?



Not sure, She said police.I know she was in the seating area for boarding. I was the one who said TSA. I will find out more in about 2 hours when her flight lands.


I paid her ticket on c.c. Her flight was for the 21st. this month flying out of Mn. I booked it August this year.


My flight for next month I used my airmiles.


I then changed her ticket to fly from the Chicago portion, dropping the Mn. leg of the flight.

I then used my miles to fly her from Dallas to Chicago. Booked the change Tues.


Bad thing was even dropping the Mn. part I still had to pay an extra 700.00 dollars for her flight. Thieves.

Would not let me do it online..

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I've said it before, but 9/11 gave a very large collection of 'pseudo cops' a whole new lease on life - we get a lot more heat from our own Immigration and Customs jerks than we ever did, and most Australians dont like it one bit. It would be so much worse in the States - so many agencies, all convinced that they are the last line between civilisation and total anarchy. Read some of the independent accounts of what went down at Waco to see how this can all go wrong on a grand scale, and that was well BEFORE 9/11.


Where the fuck are these deskbound warriors when a school shooting takes place, and why didnt they act on the intelligence they had in the days leading up to 9/11 ? Time for the American people to take back their country - if the Arabs can do it, maybe its your turn. :stirthepo

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Arseholes for starting the wife's holiday on a sour note, hope she had a few calming drinks on the flight!





I paid her ticket on c.c. Her flight was for the 21st. this month flying out of Mn. I booked it August this year.



Some Airlines out here don't let you do that, the card holder needs to be at the airport when the passenger arrives to fly. Nasty trick and one that can backfire. Better check and make sure if anyone plans to do this with Thai I think? Air Asia is ok. But check first.

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