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I have to admit that I did enjoy Math (we call it 'Maths' in Oz) on the odd occasion that I actually knew how the hell to approach a problem - then it was usually a matter of working my way systematically through it. Calculators really helped - anyone remember the old square rule days ?


Anyhoo, all of that went out the window when I talked to one of the lecturers at the Uni I worked at a few years back - a guy with both feet firmly planted on the ground and, to this day, the best Java programmer I've encountered. After years of being able to prove everything mathematically, he felt that a lot of the PhD stuff was closer to philosophy than calculus etc. Try to wrap your head around string theory sometime - stripping definitely looks like a better career option.

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Maths was my fav subject at school. ;)


I think calculators were just starting to become common towards the end of my schooling but we weren't allowed to use them. :up:


How many kids or even young adults can do mental arithmetic nowadays. Very few I'd guess. :down:

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