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Davao City


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Agreed - 'middle-age' for me was 35, at best, and that is way too long ago. I guess some people do plan to live to 100+, but I sure as hell ain't one of 'em !


Besides, isnt 'middle-aged' a polite way of describing cardigan-wearing accountants ? All I need is a pipe and slippers and I might as well start a program of Oxycontin with Vodka chasers .....

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I am having my first trip to PI early in the new year. Just a few days on business in Davao City. My research to date seems to indicate the P4P scene is fairly non existent. i.e. go go bars are banned, whore houses poor quality and the only way to pick up is to take pot luck in the dance clubs. Can't be bothered with that crap as I am fairly 'senior'.


Any tips? Even for a decent massage with a happy ending, if full service is hard to find.


Can't visit P.I. and not try the local delights in one form or another!!


I am happy to report, that Davao City indeed can be a fun place if you know where to look.


The bars are nothing to write home about, but I was tipped off to plan well ahead. i.e. Have a few freelancers lined up ready to meet. Paid off big time.


And where to find them? DateInAsia :-)


Takes a few hours of chit chat, but it was well worth it.



My MO was to chat on DIA, amd arrange to meet somewhere public like a Mall. Many are Uni Students looking for 'tuition' money. Some even turned up to the meet in their Uni Uniforms.......

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