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Blank Pages In My Passport


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it's always up to the immigration officer! some ignore and accept, some not...

i would tear out the empty pages to be on the safe side


I'll assume this post was just a wind up coz I can't believe anyone would honestly post anything so stupid.


However just in case it wasn't in jest, British Passports state (Note 7) that "Tampering with a passport may constitute a criminal offence and render it invalid for use". I think tearing pages out constitutes "tampering with".

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<< In situations where a legal document has been altered, damaged, lost or stolen or your name has changed, you are obligated to apply for a new document as soon as possible. Should passports appear mutilated or altered, one may be prosecuted according to state law. Processes involved in the application for a passport replacement must follow the instructions within an Application and Renewal Guide for passports before submitting applications. >>


My link


Don't know what the states have got to do with it. :hmmm:







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how many times did you enter thai immigration during your entire life?

Well, aren't we the "inquiring mind"? <_< Because you asked so nicely, I actually checked to see....


It appears as far as Thai entry/exit stamps; I've got 26 entries and 25 exits. Seeing as, when I looked out the window this morning, I'm still in the glorious "Land 'O Thais", I can only hazard a guess that that’s why there’s a difference, lol….


Of course, those are just entry/exit stamps. That’s not even counting the re-entry permits, the 90 day ED visa extension of stay stamps (when I was on an ED visa for a year), five years of extensions of stay based on retirement, plus all the visas, entry/exit stamps for the countries I was in when I wasn't here. (Although I will say that Cambodian E-visa dealy sure cut down on visa stickers :applause: )..


In perusing the stamp history (a truly nostalgic stroll down memory lane :biggrin: ) it seems there is absolutely NO rhyme OR reason why the various stamps in my passport were placed on the pages they’re on. Actually that's not quite true; the first coupla pages are in sequential order (but those are from Brazil, Peru and the Dominican Republic, so don't really count). The stamps for Thailand (and indeed most of the S/E Asian countries I've been to) are all over the place.


Hope I answered the question to your satisfaction. :blink: .. Any more questions, feel free to ask. .. :p


I concur with "Flashermac", so without further delay, back to the silliness. ..

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let's see, I also counted. I have 39 entry and 40 exit stamps by thai immigration in my newest passport, which was issued in late 2009.

and of course all are absolutely consecutively stamped in my passport; so I do not know what problems you are having guys!


but the uneven number of 39 entries and 40 exits are pretty odd!

So I should actually be outside Thailand at the moment but it currently smells obviously from Somtum Pala in the neighborhood and it isn't a nightmare! It's smashing real!

Or I have one time entered illegally and got nevertheless a exit stamp from a slightly dumb immigration officer (don't they check the entry stamps?).


I guess, I am actually in much more deep shit than the OP, who can just get rid of this problem by tearing some pages out of his passport! but what could happen to me? HELP PLEASE!

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I originally planned to be a lawyer and took pre-law courses. I was actually accepted for law school, but decided it wasn't what I wanted. I became a "languange teacher" by accident.


So you did not have a accident insurance? Or you were guilty in the accident and got a life sentence (a teacher remains a teacher even after retirement!)?

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A few years back some kind of rodent ( I presume ) took a liking to my passport and chewed it quite badly.I thought my attempt at sellotaping it back together was quite successful.Immigration at Jomtien thought otherwise and would not deal with me until a new passport was obtained from the embassy in BKK :doah:

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