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Blank Pages In My Passport


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Cmon HT - you've had your fun. Spare a thought for the folk who stagger into T360 after Google turns up a hit on 'pages missing passport Thailand' or somesuch : I would hope that none of them are silly enough to believe your dribble, but its a broad church out there on the InterWeb ....


The earlier accounts of the 'monkey house' gel with what I've read elsewhere - in some respects, its reputed to be even worse than regular Thai jails. I guess the Thais figure that you wont be complaining to anyone in their sphere of influence if you are going to be thrown on an outbound flight within 48 hours, so why bother with 'scum' who have clearly put themselves in such a woeful situation. Contrast that with the Udon gal who rang me from a Detention Centre in Melbourne after overstaying her visa by 5 months to work illegally and its easy to see why the Indonesian people smugglers still see us as a soft target. Maybe we need a monkey house of our own.

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very fancy stories! Unbelievable that so many people invent such horrible stories to draw attention to themselves. I feel mercy for the immigration officers, whose reputation gets smashed by those incredible fairytales!


30 hours detention for one page missing in the passport! ROFLMAO!


HT, why don't you just STFU! :wanker:

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