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My Favorite Thai Seafood Restaurant


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Again, in the old Nanaplaza forum I found what became my favorite Thai seafood restaurant (see photo below). In the middle of the outdoor restaurant is a 5 x 20 meter rectangle concrete tank with the tables arranged around it. The idea is that you pay by the hour to fish and when you are done fishing the kitchen will cook what you catch and serve it with rice. I think that what we were catching were some kind of crayfish (see the photo below). I can not remember the cost, but since it was a restaurant for the locals, it was dirt cheap even with several beers. I have lost my notes on where the restaurant was, but I think it was about 25 km south west of Bangkok.


Let me tell you, this was my kind of fishing. Setting at a table with a cold beer that was constantly being topped off by a cute waitress. And periodically the waitress would take my fishing pole and re-bait it if the bait was missing. And to top it all off, when I caught something, all I had to do was hold up my pole and the waitress would come and take my crayfish off the hook and re-bait it again. What a life.


Does anyone know if it is still there, and where it is located if it is? Also does anyone know if there is restaurant like that near Pattaya?


I am happy to report that there was not any ugly incident between my wife and the waitress this time (See previous post) I wonder why this was. Maybe she mellowed out or that it was one thing to get mad and start pooring my beer and a total differnt thing to get mad and have to start baiting my hook :rolleyes:


A side note: Since the restaurant was a ways outside of Bangkok, and I was not exactly sure what street is was on (only the name of the town), I decided to take one of the mafia taxis from the front of the hotel instead of a metered taxi. I negotiated a set price to and from. When we got near to the restaurant, the taxi driver parked and told us to wait in the taxi. He went away for a few minutes and came back and told us the the restaurant was not there and he would take us to a different restaurant . I looked over and said that no, I can see it. He then said that it was closed, and again I looked over and said that I could see people. The driver said that he could take us to a better restaurant. I said no, I wanted to go to this one. My wife and I got out and went to the restaurant. During the meal, the driver set at a table away from us with a sad look on his face. I ended up buying him something eat. Halfway through our fishing experience, I realized the the driver could not get a bounty for us from the restaurant and that is why he wanted to take us somewhere else.







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My personal choice was beer but none of the amber ale has passed my lips for nigh on three years.

The other guests were drinking white wine so I thought it boorish to refuse a glass.

We can do a nice local lao khao up here if you insist on following the traditional path.

The two day old in the plastic bag comes highly recommended.

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