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My Favorite Thai Seafood Restaurant


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Many years a go a mate and I used to play bridge with an older Polish couple.

We used to take a bottle of Scotch and between rubbers the lady of the house would serve it straight in shot glasses with a platter of thinly sliced smoked ham and Polish sausage.

Very enjoyable.

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Sounds familiar - I think torneyboy posted about this restaurant a while ago (years?) In any case I am sure he'll find this post.


Wife looks gorgeous btw, well done.


Thank you. Not only is she beautiful, she lets me go to Thailand every couple of years. I am a lucky man.


Hopefully torneyboy will put his two cents in soon.

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When I'm in Australia I play regularly at the top club in the state.

Because I spend so much time in Thailand I just play with pick up partners (a bit like the bars here :cool: ) but still enjoy the game.


There's a club in Chiang Mai that meets a couple of times a week but nothing further north.

I sometimes wonder if a group of farangs playing cards in public might get the BiB excited.

They had a recent crackdown on farang criminals jamming with Thai bands in the bars without a work permit. :unsure:

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Back in the Purachai years under Surpeme Leader Thaksin, the police in Phuket arrested several Farang buskers who were playing for pocket money with their guitar cases open in front of them. They were held in jail for a few days, until friends came up with the money for their fine. Then they were expelled from the country. After that Farangs were afraid to jam with Thai groups even though they were not getting paid and just doing it for fun.


This was when Purachai was leading the police to surround nightclubs in Bangkok and Pattaya and piss test everyone - Thai or Farang - until they were allowed to leave. A police captain told one Farang he knew what they were doing was illegal, but orders were orders.







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