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My Favorite Thai Seafood Restaurant


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Yep ... and even worse young Thais don't seem to be aware of how he ignored the laws in his "crusade for virtue". The liquor sales hours go right back to him, with no legal basis either - but still enforced. He virtually put most Thai musicians and nightclub singers out of work, since nightclubs were forced to close at 1am ... even though customers usually didn't even arrive until 10pm. Many clubs were put out of business and musicians had to find other jobs. Waiters and waitresses were out of work too.


One Nanapong dance contest was targeted by him, a big one that would have been at the Nana Hotel disco, I think. The guys got the word that Purachai was going to raid it, so they called it off rather than take chances.


Purachai found some old law that all places of entertainment should close by 1am. It hadn't been enforced in several decades, but he liked it and brought it back. For the liquor sales hours, he used a "proclamation" by a "revolutionary council" after a military coup in the 1970s. Purachai fired the head of the Lumpini police district, after he found a nightclub still open at 2am in the Lumpini district. He finally went so far with his raids that Thaksin had to rein him in himself.

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drinking lao khao with thai food is for me actually more strange than drinking chinese liquor (like Mao Thai or Wuliangje) with chinese food. But then I also drink Wodka with Caviar, Sake with Japanese food and Soju with Korean food, which all three seem to me quite delicious and an excellent fit!


Contrary to the above people (Scots) generally don't drink whisky with Scottish food (other than perhaps a wee dram with haggis at a Burns supper) or indeed any other food.

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reminds me that I still have a can of Haggis at home (got is from a Scot).

how should I prepare it? anything to add?

what fits best? Single Malt or an ordinary Scotch?


Canned haggis! :barf:


I'm sure it will be fine but fresh (with shotgun pellets removed) or frozen would be better.


You'll need some bashit neeps (bashed turnips or swedes - the orange coloured ones) and champit tatties (mashed potatoes) to go with it.


As for the whisky, I personally don't drink whisky with my haggis. Anyway malts are for sipping and haggis is quite dry so needs a more volumous drink such as beer or wine. However if in LOS I would wash it down with a Black Soda or three. :drunk:

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Thank you. Not only is she beautiful, she lets me go to Thailand every couple of years. I am a lucky man.


Hopefully torneyboy will put his two cents in soon.



Hi ..yes we had a good time there... a while ago now ..will try a revisit this trip ..with some updated pics....( back Jan 15 )

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