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Status Of Washington Square Bars

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Where is Khun Taffy now with his "New Square One Pub"?


It is a shame; Washington Square is gone now for ever.


Where to go now for day time fun?

Are there somewhere comparable pubs or bars?



Hamburg - Bangkok - Düsseldorf

I'll come back to Bangkok November 2014

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Taffy is still around. He has a hotel on a small soi a little bit further down 22 and I think he was planning to operate out of the bar in it. However last I heard he was having a dispute with the hotel owner, presumably over his lease?


A lot of the guys who used to drink in WS now drink in bars in Queens Park Plaza, e.g., Bundys, Nicks.


Other bars have also opened on a small soi on the right side of 22, Too Easy and ???? are owned by girls who used to work in WS.


Dennys Corner Bar is now in the Holiday Inn Hotel building at the mouth of the soi.


No Idea (formerly Larrys Dive) is a good place to get some excellent food and watch some sport or sit outside on the balconies and watch the world go by.

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Many thanks Mr. Munchmaster for your answer with so many useful informations.


I'll be back in town in November 2014 and then I visit Soi 22 and have some beers in those bars you mentioned.


I look forward to see those bars in Soi 22 and Queens Park Plaza.



They seem to be a real alternative to the overpriced bars from the NEP and SC.

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