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Ekkamai Disco ?


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A few years back, a lot of the talk was around those who could afford condos in Upper Suk and frequented 'Ekkamai disco', but when I asked my Soi 22 contacts where it was all I got was 'there are many disco at Ekkamai !'. Having since realised that these ladies may not have been the best possible source for such information, I must now resort to the board.


I *think* the disco in question may have been on Soi 63, but have no idea - other than a couple of walks to On Nut I never ventured up that far. Given that the upmarket venues in Bangkok are expensive, and I will be 55 before I can even set foot in such a place, I'm not sure if 'Ekkamai Disco' is my cup of tea, but I remain curious. Its like Thermae or the Grace (!) - never went in, but was still interested enough to seek out the location. These places are part of the 'legendary' Bangkok nightlife, and I figured if anyone would know, it would be you lot. :stirthepo




Gobble, numerous trips but still no clue

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There used to be (15 years ago or so :) ) one in the basement of the hotel just to right of Ekemai after turning onto New Petchburi Rd. Forgot the name of both the hotel and the disco, so bloody good use that info was, eh? :)


Don't recall a disco on Ekemai itself, but I've not lived there for well over 10 years.



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Curve Nightclub

Halfway down the soi on the left hand side. Recently reopened after renovation this is the new club on this street. Attracts intimate groups of mainly young Thai’s as often have local bands loudly bashing out famous Thai songs and hip-hop tracks.


Location: 59/9 Ekkamai Road Soi 1

Open: 07:00 pm. - 01:00 am.

Phone: +66 (0) 2714 2323


Jet Metropolitan Live Phenomena

Halfway down the soi on the right hand side. A popular bar and club on Ekkamai which attracts crowds of young Thai’s. Great vibe here as everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves jumping around their tables loaded with Whiskey and mixers. Good selection of cocktails and a classy interior with different levels and areas to choose from. The usual bar snacks are also available. Midweek, when the band finish playing though, there is a mass exiting and you’ll be left standing on your own on the dance floor. Time to go home.


Pricing (Cheap/Moderate/Expensive): Moderate

Location: Sukhumvit 63, Ekkamai

Open: 07:00 pm. - 02:00 am.

Phone: +66 (0) 2382 3393-4 Let's have fun

Happy Monday

This tucked away bar is further down soi Ekkamai on the right hand side. A great choice for a midweek drink with some friends. It’s small but it’s a cozy bar with mainly outdoor seating. The atmosphere is very easy going and chilled out. Staff are very friendly and the menu of food and cocktails is great and reasonably priced. They occasionally have intimate live sets from new and practising DJ’s. Always busy any day of the week (not just Monday’s!) attracting regular Thai’s and foreigners alike. Weekends can get quite crowded and there will be no where to sit so come before 10pm to grab yourself a candle lit wooden table nestled under the trees.


Location: Ekkamai Soi 10

Open: 07:00 pm. - 02:00 am. late Closed Sundays

Phone:+66 (0) 2714 3953

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despite mike's (outdated) bar guide ekamai (and thonglor) remains more or less a thai hangout with a few farang clusters like witch tavern which probably is the closest to a local 'termae'/bg kinda place on weekend nights (weekdays can be very quiet).


for live music 'discos' there was/is the ekamai plaza/square packed with pubs whatever (near) where the bar map list koze(6) just b4 the canal overpass (right side).


opposite side of the rd more or less was a 'kyote' type of pool bar disco 'weird' place.

no idea of the name or if it still exist? :snowcool:


anyway thonglor really is where the pubs/discos are or the connecting soi kinda midway.


on ekamai (yes suk soi 63) there is a nice belgian beer place called hobs (house of beers) in the square at soi 14 I think it is (opposite mcdonalds for sure). live music inside & nice people watching outside. dont mistake if for the next door 'she bar' though :p although they also serve a smaller selection of belgian brews haha!




p.s. generally the hype around the area is overrated & it gets boring real easy :elephant:


p.p.s raCHADA has much more (varied) options such as soi 4 or soi 6 :evilpumpkin:

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Definitely time Mike updated that site - he seems to have gradually acquired a jaded view of the nightlife and Thai women in general, but who goes to bars (anywhere) to meet the cream of the crop ? His characterizations of the various types of women you can expect to meet in the bars is awfully similar to an older page written by a Jakarta bar/club addict. Chain-smoking harpies ? Check. Two-pot screamers ? Check. Pretentious wannabes ? Check.


Odd that you would find such people in bars .............

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Yup - 18 months on and I'm still wondering why I somehow imagined that there would be a club in Ekkamai/Thonglor with a large NEP-style sign (!) announcing that this was 'Ekkamai Disco'. Of all the ancient haunts that cropped up in these pages - Thermae, Grace Coffee Shop, the Pong etc - for some bizarre reason this elusive 'disco' stuck in my mind. Even if it was still there, I can only imagine what such a venue might look like now - a Patpong-style timewarp with some very confused looking old blokes and a handful of TGs looking like they'd really prefer to be someplace else. In short, Nana Disco circa 2008 !

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