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Get some dogs - they will keep the snakes away.


Good advice.


'My' dogs are actually the street dogs. You know how it is. Anyway, quite often they are allowed in the front, particularly during rainy season for the express purpose of snake-catching. I have a jungley piece of spare land next to me and snakes come over the wall to escape the deluge.


I get fed up of moaning at people to close the bloody screen doors behind them; that's what they are there for. Thais are worse than farang in my house for this.


Should one of the little - or big - bastards get in then I have a number to call. It's the local snake-catcher! Actually he's one of the m/c guys at the 'win' at the end of the village.


Great excitement usually ensues. Snake at falang's. Falang has beer. Snake party. As I say, you know how it is...

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I reside in South Africa - a snake a month in the house.Almost like house guests and one accepts as being part of the environment.

It is the TWO LEGGED ones that bother the most - forked tongue etc.

Corruption on the walk !




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My first apartment in Bangkok was near the river. I got used to seeing the little tree vipers race sraight up a palm trees in the compound. It was the banded krait in the bedroom that got my attention. :p


At my present house in the suburbs, I rarely see snakes of any kind, and then usually harmless green snakes. Still, I always take a close look at the shape of their head when I am around them.


p.s. Never been snake bitten, but I had my old apartment broken into twice and my current house once. Plus I had my pocket picked somewhere around Victory Monument. :(

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