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90 Day Crap Again


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Part of me would love to have seen BKK in 73, but the wimp in me knows I wouldn't have survived without aircon. At least your time in SVN would have acclimatised you. I stood in the bedroom of the Jim Thompson house sweating like a pig and wondering how he lived without aircon - I guess folk just accepted it back then.

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I swear it wasn't this hot in the past. Bangkok was a city with very few high rise buildings and much more greenery. Nowadays the high rises stop the breezes, and the concrete soaks up the heat and retains it. I used to teach in a long-sleeve shirt and tie in non-A/C classrooms and think nothing of it. You had lots of ceiling fans back then. I had to wear a jacket and tie the other day and nearly melted. :p


Also, remember that when Jim Thompson assembled his house, the city was even smaller than when I arrived here. I have a friend who lived near Jim Thompson's house in the 1970s. He says he went swimming in Klong Saen Saep every day. That klong stinks like a bog nowadays and if you fell in, it would probably be fatal. :surprised:









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Just a reminder to you, based on the date that you started this thread, Monday 14th May would make it day 75 since you last reported so you are now into your "21 Day Window"


Don't forget this time, I'd hate to see you blow a gasket again.

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