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Happy Easter!


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Any I could make money from. I remember hearing it said when I was a kid that Christmas was the Jewish merchants' favourite holiday. :)


I don't think Hannukah would go over. Not exciting enough. And forget Ramadan. Who the hell wants to go hungry and thirsty all day, just so you can pig out at night? :hmmm:


Thais like fun holidays and ignore all of the religious stuff. 





How about Mardi Gras? I'm sure the Thai's could do a number on that one.

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That's why the nutter in California created Kwanzaa - an alleged harvest festival - in the winter, from the day after Christmas to New Year's Day. He readily admitted to the timing in TV interviews.


He also picked Swahili, the language of the East African slave and ivory trade, because it was fairly easy to learn (even though it has absolutely nothing to do with African Americans).


Unfortunately, I think that was started in Philly. Its a huge thing in Philly. My dad being the good old fashion baptist Deacon that he is, didn't like it one bit. Its huge in Philly, there is a big parade and everything. I went when I was in HS but only because there were tons of girls at the parade. Felt out of place without my kinte cloth clothes though...lol.

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Any holiday that is good for any busines niche will never die out. They'll keep it going. Bars love St. Paddy's day for example because its such good business. In California (and now rapidly spreading) Cinco de Mayo is huge. We had Cinco de Mayo office parties when I was working in LA. Then the bars for Happy Hour. The bars had CDM specials on drinks. Tons of office girls going out.


So no matter how much you heathens hate Christianity and Christians, Christmas will never go away :neener::yeahthat: because it generates so much money. The toy industry alone would order a hit on any one who tried to ban it.


St. Paddy's day, Cinco De Mayo and any western holiday that involves copious amounts of alcohol being drunk would in theory work in Thailand for obvious reasons. It gets people in bars. Or anything that generates money or something the girls like, like Valentine's Day. Notice how they learned that one pretty damn quick.


Hannukuh and any other 'boring' stay at home holidays (no offense just joking) is not likely to be accepted. Conversely, Songkran has the potential to be big in the west because of the obvious fun of spraying people with water.

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It was in L.A. Here's the guy who created Kwanzaa. He was calling himself Ron Karenga at the time. He used to appear on L.A. talk shows and could be witty and funny at times. He also is a nasty fellow with a criminal record for torturing people. :p





p.s. Your dad sounds like a cool guy. :)

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