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Bubi Reports Final Breakthrough . Corruption Eliminated !


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Gentlemen ,


as I did duely report here on this very board several weeks ago , ' university ' - access for lovely Nok's second daughter had been achieved by releasing 20.000 Thai Baht in favour of some unknown subject . I was only hoping for better results than last time when 6.000 had been taken by somebody without any result . Fraud .


Now listen to this , it will move the kingdom on the world curruption league from the ranks between Nigeria and Uzbekistan right on top above Norway or so .


Monday this week , and I tell you the full truth , lovely Nok's second daughter received a phonecall from aforementioned subject that she had been granted access to the ' university ' due to recommendation of the teacher's commitee because her performance at school had been outstanding over the last 2 years and she could have the 20.000 back in no time or better pay the fees for the first term and use the rest for uniform and books .


Gentlemen , I am in tears since Nok tried to explain me this story over the phone and I will in future take anybody to the United Nations Human Rights Commission who uses the terms corruption and Siam in one sentence .


Over to you .




** I swear by the soul of my Late East Prussian Grandmother that I report the full truth and nothing but **

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Chula holds something like 30 places each year for the children of rich alumni and politicians. That is common knowledge. Sort of affirmative action for the rich and powerful. Ordinary folks have to score around 98% on the nationwide entrance exam to get into Chula. Still, I don't think Chula is bribable - no way they need the money.  






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