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My Smoker


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Just thought I'd show you this. I picked it up in Vietnam for $8.


It's about 50cm tall and smokes/cooks meat and fish beautifully.


Charcoal goes in the bottom drawer, a bunch of dill (20 cents at the market) goes on the bottom grill and the meat etc on the top.


It takes about three hours and the taste is heavenly.

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Three hours ? Dude, I think I'll stick with my microwave !


Gobble, the idea is that you start it 3 hours before you plan to eat, not 3 minutes before you plan to eat. That way you get your food on time. :doah:


Coss has time on his hands, he's living a slower pace of life, as you will do when you get to LOS in 2024, so no need for microwave dinner in 3 minutes. :nono:

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Did you try smoking some Pa-Nin? (Tilapia?)


Yes, delicious, surprising how full of Omega (I assume it's Omega) oils these are, quite delectable.


Smoked pork is good too.


I've yet to try chicken and duck but they are on my to do list.

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