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Story Content Entry #3 - Romeo And Juliet


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Romeo and Juliet


ack is three days into his gap year vacation when he meets the love of his life. He is sitting in an ice cream parlour finishing a large iced coke. A stunning Thai girl walks into the shop and sits at the table opposite. She smiles.


Oy is about five feet two, slender, with long black shiny hair reaching down to her waist. She is wearing designer clothes, cut to emphasise the swell of her petite but shapely round breasts. Oy smiles again, looking directly at Jack. Jack joins Oy at her table and they begin talking.


Jack discovers Oy was educated in England and they have much in common. At university, they were both keen members of the amateur dramatic society. Oy has a sense of fun, coupled with a dazzling smile that Jack finds irresistible. Oy checks her Rolex watch and asks Jack about his dinner plans. They arrange to meet in the lobby of the Baiyoke Sky hotel.


When they meet for dinner, Oy is wearing a simple black Dior dress offset with a matching clutch bag. The Rolex watch has been replaced by a Cartier. Jack chooses a good bottle of white wine. They dine heartily on the seafood buffet.


The waiter brings the checkbin. As Jack reaches for his wallet, Oy gently rests her hand on his arm. “My little treat” she says, producing a black American Express card. After the meal they walk up to the observation deck on the 77th floor to admire the Bangkok skyline.


Jack hails a taxi to drive them back to the Novotel where Oy has taken a suite. She invites him upstairs. Oy slowly undresses whist Jack watches transfixed. Her small firm breasts are offset by a flat hard stomach leading down to her sculptured pubic triangle. Oy’s dark nipples become tort and erect as she teases Jack and becomes aroused herself. Her skin is light brown and creamy. Oy turns around slowly to reveal a pert rounded bottom. Once she has finished undressing herself, Oy then undresses Jack, pausing to kiss and caress each part of his body as she does so. With a mischievous giggle she pretends to be intimidated by the size of his manhood, concealing it briefly by balancing an open magazine on top of Jack’s phallus.


Once they have showered, together, they make love. At first their lovemaking is frantic and furious; reflecting the urgency of their mutual need. Afterwards they lay in each other’s arms, softly exchanging endearments. Then they make love again, this time slowly and tenderly. They sleep late into the following morning.


Over the coming days Jack and Oy become inseparable. There are trips to the Grand Palace, the floating market and Jim Thomson’s house. In the evenings there are visits to the cinema, cabaret shows and bars where Filipina bands play western music. Sometimes they just enjoy a romantic meal out together, afterwards dancing the night away at a club.


Oy suggests that she and Jack should escape the city and spend some time together on Koh Chang. She explains that Koh Chang, or elephant island, so named for the elephant shape of its headland, is the second largest of the Thai islands.


On debarking from the Island ferry, they rent a small motorbike. After 30 minutes or so on the motorbike, Oy turns off the road onto a rough track leading down to the beach. Oy kills the motorbike’s engine and goes into a small office building with a blue van parked alongside. She comes out a few minutes later holding a key. They continue along the track for about a mile, on the way passing several beach huts. Oy parks the bike on some hard standing immediately behind the final hut of the small beachside development.


The beach hut is a large wooden structure raised on stilts about five feet above the ground, with a small veranda to the front facing out to sea. Oy explains that the stilts are needed to avoid flooding resulting from a high tide or storm. They also provide some protection from poisonous snakes and insects that might otherwise crawl into the hut. “I like to come here sometimes for the solitude”, Oy tells him. “It’s owned by a friend of the family.”


The following days are idyllic. Jack and Oy use the motorbike to explore the island, picnicking by waterfalls, trekking through the rainforest and snorkelling over the reefs. Sometimes they eat out at the open air restaurants they find in the villages, at other times preferring to prepare a meal in their own kitchenette, eating al fresco on the veranda and watching the sunset together. Once it becomes fully dark, more often than not they take a blanket down to the shoreline, making love under the stars with only the gently lapping waves for company.


Sitting on the veranda together, Jack muses that these last few weeks with Oy have undoubtedly been the happiest of his life. Oy reminds him of the time she played the female lead in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. She tells him that the Bard’s play is the perfect love story because of the tragedy that befalls the two lovers. The beauty and purity of their love is defined in the manner of their passing, for if they had grown old together then the intensity of their passion would surely have become diminished. Jack concurs, although the intellectuality of her argument is somewhat at odds with his carefree mood. Oy acknowledges Jack’s agreement with a triumphant smile. She reaches into her beach bag. The small Beretta pistol aimed directly between his eyes is Jack’s final living memory!


Oy makes a brief phone call. The blue van parked by the office arrives a few minutes later. Just like the others before him, it will take Jack’s body off the island. Jack will be found a few days later, his body tossed carelessly into a ditch by the side of a farm track.

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