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The You Tube Your Favourite Music Thread


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  • 4 weeks later...

Pizzicato 5 look quite interesting although they seem to have split up now. Never heard of them before. Found a translation of Twiggy Twiggy:


I was waiting for about three hours

My cat and I

At the time the phone rang

And I chatted away just like my cat

I turned down the TV and

Talked in a fake voice

In a Twiggy mini-skirt

In a Twiggy-like pose

In a Twiggy mini-skirt

Skinny like Twiggy, that's me



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I never heard any Johnny Cash, but this song is just fantastic.


PS: there are better versions of this video at Youtube, but they are blocked in Germany...sad.gif


Interesting that you have chosen a Johnny Cash song which is a cover version of a tune by Trent Reznor one of the most underrated musicians of the past 20 years IMHO.


Trent wrote the song when he was going through a bad Alcohol / Drugs phase of his life and the tune and it's lyrics is basically how he detoxed and got over his "cold turkey" Even though Trent records under the name of Nine Inch Nails he plays all the instruments himself except for drum in the studio, when he hits the road he has a bunch of session musicians with him to play his recordings live.


He is better known, or should I say unknown, for his movie scores, he did the score for Natural Born Killers (My have Oliver Stone Movie) and more recently "The Social Network"


Here is his live version with some great cinematic work




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