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The You Tube Your Favourite Music Thread


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Brothers in Arms is the only Dire Straits song I like - the rest were mercilessly hammered on high rotation here, If I here the riff from Sultans of Swing one more time, I may have to kill someone. Again, :evilpumpkin:


i hated money for nithing when it first came out,and i hate hearing it allday and everyday in thailand....... :banghead:

but sultans of swing is my fave song of theirs and i can do a good version of it with a microphone(or so i'm told).

used to work with some whose brother was their manager in the heyday and we often got free tickets for their gigs.

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Mekong...eat your heart out as Knopfler and Clapton do this version 55555555555555555






I never rated Knopfler (does his name remind you of a flaccid member) and Clapton was only the third best Guitarists to play with the Yardbirds after Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page (original Bass player), they would both eat their collective hearts out if they were to hear me play!

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