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p.s. whatever u do dont trust kamui - who would trust a burglar anyways?



Burglar? I never did steal anything. OK, if Farangs in gogo are busy with their girls I ocasionally snatch and empty their drinks....rolleyes.gif


I know that WF wasn't happy about this, especially when it happened to him the second and third time. grinyes.gif

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Waitaminnit. Yesterday morning, you reported that you said you were willing to let her use community assets to post bail. Are you saying the JUDGE put the kibosh on that arrangement, and insisted she use her OWN money for the bail, or did the judge just say "Nope. Flight risk. Remanded until trial."?


Half the story mate, maybe I did not explain it well enough, the offer I made was that she could use Sim Somros to finance her bail but even if she reported the court still hold onto the money and use it as partial payment of what she may be told to pay me, she or should i say her lawyer declined my terms and conditions.


its weird case, i am taking out a private prosecution on a criminal case, and as such I am allowed to talk to the Judge outside of hearings much like the CPS in UK or the DA Office in USA is allowed to, he told me after the hearing "Good Call" , she has admitted to having at least 10 Million Sim Somros and he placed same conditions on whoever bails her out so I can be awarded more initially.


I apologize if I may be a little vague but I cannot say to much whilst the litigation is ongoing.





Don't worry about WF, I took him to Grande Via in Madrid last year, he paid EU45 for a short time with a Romanian Woman I had for EU25 the previous night!

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kamui~steal, thats alrite with the snatched drinks here and there just dont do it again else ill snatch your girl(s) or would that be steal her snatch lol!


as to grd via SW 'leftovers' well at least we both have good taste & she included 'tabulos' service to me (bbbj etc) so I guess you trained her well mk ;)

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