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Microsoft's New Tablet - A Skinny Laptop?


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Yep MS' Tablet is a huge financial disaster.



I had a post here somewhere on the os of this product. We had a few advanced releases of it and the machine at work as is customary in this industry. It BLEW! Pretty much everyone that used it hated it. There was even a few bets on how long it would last before they just gave up on it. I need to look up who won.

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Ballmer has resigned (well, 1 year to find a successor).


Microsoft is painting itself into the same corner of irrelevance where Novell died out.

(Had to google to find what the company's name was, remembered only NetWare, a junk overcomplicated product that should not have existed had Microsoft gave it a 15 minutes thought).



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Micro$oft don't seem to have it all together and have not had for years.


A great software house which was always Gates speciality, borrow ideas and market them as an OS but have a history of failure when it comes to developing hardware. How Long was the Microsoft ZUNE on the Market, their iPod Killer less than 12 months and I feel the RT may suffer the same fate as a late entry into the tablet market.


I know that there are two schools of thought between Jobs and Gates, personally I have been an Apple man for years, they develop software only for their own hardware, if I want to use OSX then I need an iMac, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air to run it on where as with MS Windows there are 1,000's of hardware manufacturers. Same with IOS I need an iPad, iPhone or iPod to run it on where as google / android there are again numerous suppliers who's devices support the OS.


TTM, I know that we have differing opinions onto which is preferable, I like reasoned debate and am willing to discuss at length with you or anyone else the Pro's and Con's of either until the cows, or since this is Thailand the Kwai's, come home.


For the record I have never said "Apple is Best" what I have said is "Apple fulfils my needs better than others" slight difference Maybe if my requirements from a machine were different than my current ones then my decisions may also change.

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Apple is a gadget company, not a computer one.


Steve Jobs has died 10 years too late.


With his gadgets (Apple is not a computer company), he has deprived 100s of millions of kids of their childhood. Possibly a generation destroyed, degenerated.


Either the kids are rubbing their iWhatever or their parents ignore them while doing the same.


What a decadence and celebrated at that.



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