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Year Long Stay Or Longer

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hey guys, and gals if there are any on here lol.

Im looking at triping around thailand for a year or so, have to escape life for a while. How do i go about it. Do i contact our own immigration department(australia) of do i have to go through a thai embassy.Do i get a tourist visa, or O visa, what sort of visa do i need all i know is i want to stay a year or so maybe longer, use it as a base maybe go to burma lao that sort of thing.

have been to thailand many times but never longer than 45 days, so just looking at the best and cheapest way to do it.


Thought i would ask you guys as im sure there are a few aussies on here who have done it or doing it.

costs would be great if you know them/


Sorry for being a pain

thanks for the help in advance



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Easiest would probably be to try and get a multiple entry Non Immigrant visa. No idea how old you are, but if you are old enough for a retirement one, that might be easiest. Alternatively it isn't too hard to get Non-B ones at some of the consulates around the world.


You will still need to leave the country every 3 months with a Non Immigrant visa, but no need to apply for a new visa when abroad. (If I am not mistaken that is; it's been a long time since I used these. No doubt others will correct me if I'm wrong :) )



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thanks for the info so far, im 48 so i miss the retirement visa by 2 years i think? But that is an option once i get to that age for sure.

I have heard an O visa or something like that which covers you if you work or study so i suppose i could say im studying thai lol.

so with the non imig visa you have to go in and out every 3 months, so how long could you use that type for, i was trying to maybe cut the hassles if i could of doing the visa run thing if possible, for a while anyway.

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allatsea, you just need to be aware that you WILL need to rock up to the lessons - I know that sounds blindingly obvious, but I'm speaking from the POV of someone who paid for lessons upfront and didnt attend a single lesson due to chronic hangovers. Anecdotal reports are that the Thais arent as laissez-faire on the Ed visas as they once were, and the last thing you need is to be quizzed in Thai by officialdom and have absolutely nothing beyond 'mai pen rai' ;)


If you have a choice between morning and afternoon lessons, I strongly recommend that you opt for the afternoon lessons - unless you are a teetotaller, I guarantee you that the 'morning lessons will motivate me to get an early night' strategy is unlikely to work.


Sure, I'm a weak-willed tosspot, but LOS is littered with the carcasses of Farang who rocked up with all the best intentions. The majority of longtime BMs here have the stability of family to keep them out of the bars during the week - those of us who don't can find it very easy to choose a bar over an empty room/apartment with nothing on telly except Thai soaps and BBC News. One of my favorite memories of 2008 is of the cab literally getting airborne on the small hill that leads onto Suk Soi 3 as we returned from a club at 6am on a Monday morning - laughing and feeling no pain. The people who did actually turn up to the lesson scheduled for 10am that morning may well have actually learnt something - they definitely would have spent less money on booze.


You've been lurking here long enough to have heard all this before, but its different when we get off that plane and leave our brains at the airport.

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So a student visa isn't suitable for the OP's internded stay.


That's what I would think, the three months as KS said where you leave the country would be the goods, he did say he wanted to see Laos, etc. It's only 3 departures from the kingdom, plus his departure date.




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