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Suv In Thailand


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For sure, I am not the guy in the pick-em-up driving on someones bumper! The maniac Thais have my blessing to go around

me and continue on their way. I see too much road rage on the highways now and for a farang, it is lose-lose!


I have always liked the manual transmission but here in the BKK area, no more! After a few hours of sitting in rubber band traffic, I am wishing for the automatic tranny!!

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the road rage is easy to understand cuz everybody drives like fuck!

so the only way to prevail is to be calm and work the system instead of trying to fix it :p

umm cav perhaps u can pickup a good bargain on a sweet tranny around chonburi somewhere famous with a beach rd :hubbahubba:

do remember to lubricate it well though before putting it in overdrive :condom:

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