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Keep up the good work!

had a phonecall today from someone who i knew before i went in and we actually entered on the same day.

he improved so much over the week compared to some of the messes i saw him in.

off all meds and he is struggling and his wife is worried about him.

i'm going to a group session tomorrow and as he lives nearby i will drag him along and hopefully he will learn a little bit which might help him.

all the staff at the place have suffered in the past from alcohol or narcotic abuse in the past and are fonts of knowledge.

i told him he MUST see his GP and see what meds might be available to help him.

he's a nice guy and i just don't want to see him fail.

anyway i'm still feeling great but my intake of coffee has gone sky-high,but better then the alcohol.

only 11 days since my last drink so i know it's early days but I WILL SUCCEED.

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... maybe switch in some decaf. Too much caffeine can disrupt sleep.

it seems it not so ,much of a problem with the caffeine.

the centre was all decaf ands i had staqrted to drink it about a month before so was used to it and no real difference in taste.

no harm in getting caffeine buzz from trime to time.

spoke to,my GP about anmyu sort pof ,meds?vitamins he could advise me on aqnd fuck me i got a prescription of 12 tablets a day for the next 4 months.

my immune system is quite low at the moment and i have a raqing head and chest infection........

no trouble sleeping though because i drink a very good herbal tea at night and 2/4 cups means i am out for the count and a good 7 hours kip.

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  • 11 months later...

a year since i last had a drink...... :snowcool:

to be honest not a problem really,2 occasions when i thought i wanted a drink but looking back that was all it was,a thought.

i did'nt really want one,just a reaction from the old days and the thought easily discarded.

in the summer i was asked to submit an article to a Government Dept's Quarterly newsletter,it was short-listed,and then chosen to be published for the world to see..... :yikes:

quite exciting to see my words,photo's and name in print,nothing like that has ever happened to me before.


but an anti-climax now.

feeling a bit flat as i have nothing to really look forward to for a while.

a year is exciting but another year is a long way off.

but specialised trainng in a couple of things coming up in the new-year which will enhance my C.V. in the field of my choice..

juggling working with 5 different organizations at the moment ,but enjoying life to the full at the moment.

but to the rest of you out there,drinkers and non-drinkers... :xmascheer

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Well done. :yeahthat:


It was similar when I quit smoking cold turkey nearly 30 years ago. I have never once wanted another cigarette, smelly nasty things that stink up your home and your clothes. However, I once was a pipe smoker and it took much longer for me not to feel a tinge when I smelled pipe tobacco smoke. :(


Thankfully, I've never had a problem knowing when to stop drinking. The time long ago when I drank an LT under the table and was sick as a dog for the next couple of days took care of that. (I was wishing someone would shoot me and end my misery!)

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Good on you, sayjann.


My dad was a heavy smoker (50 cigs / day, non-filter) and stopped cold turkey when he was diagnosed with cancer. Doc told him to stop smoking or the smoking would 'stop' him in 3-6 months. Dad apparently got up, grabbed his tobacco and tossed it in the bin on his way. That was about 10 years ago, hasn't smoked once since.



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