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Red Bull Heir Finally Turns Up


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In Surat Thani I needed those tests last year; STD's etc for my WP


Not too sure about the blood tests last year, but 13 months ago I was in and out of Hospital every week and was having blood tests carried out maybe they knew I was clean.


But there was definitely no requirement for a chest X-ray last October that I am 100% sure of.

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34 Months ago to the day!


On Sept 20, 2011, Thailand's Criminal Court found two persons -- Mr Wisuk Setsawat, the pub owner, and Mr Boonchu Laorinath, the light and sound company's owner -- guilty of negligence. Mr Wisuth and Mr Boonchoo were given three-year jail terms. Boonchoo was also ordered to pay Bt8.5 million in compensation to five plaintiffs, relatives of the victims


OK - thanks for the update - more than two years to find a sacrificial offering (in this case, two offerings) - not dissimilar to the Australian legal system. Clearly, 8.5 million baht was all Khun Boonchoo could afford, otherwise it may have been Khun Wisuth alone in the dock on sentencing day .... I would also note that, per Flasher's post in the other thread, 5 relatives received 800k baht each - that's 4 million baht worth of 'rounding error' from Boonchoo's accountant.

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A full blood test analysis can be carried out within one hour at a decent hospital lab, I should know I have mine every two months. Furthermore my "Full Medical" for my work Permit renewal last month also included STD, THC, Amphetamines, Cocaine and Opiates blood testing results within one hour!


A "decent hospital lab" and what the BKK cops have are likely far different things.



Actually my take on some of the TV stuff is that it seems to take an awful long time, lots of dicking about just for the apparent scene-worthiness.


A little Googling, not much as I keep getting results for detection possible times rather than the amount of time it takes for results, suggests that a remote lab can provide negative results in 2-3 days and positive results in 5-7 days. Since this seems to include a fair amount of transportation and administration time I would have thought LE in Bangkok can get it done within the week yet this took place over a month ago. Seems enough time I would think.


That's only if you assume his test goes right to the front of the line. You are correct that in the US, I could run your test full and full in about 2 to 3 days easy. But again, it depends on your place in line and how much redundancy you want to build into your results. So if you assume the BKK Cop lab has absolutely nothing else to do, then sure.... a week would work.

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