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I May Have To Cross Thailand Off My List ...


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From Gobbie's Link


Ayre : AX-7e


“This beautifully made integrated has an amazing dimensionality, openness, image specificity, and transparency that rival much more expensive separates.â€

(2004 Recommended Products Editors Choice, The Absolute Sound)"



Never thought of buying something more 2012 than 8 year old technology?


The upside of that is that it's a proven product - even NAD and Marantz seem to have a cycle that is over 3 years between new product and the Marantz range of amps has been largely unchanged for 5. The focus atm is on digital streaming devices and pretty much anything that will hook up to a computer/iDevice/NAS drive - the basic design principles behind amplifiers havent changed for many years, although they are doing some interesting stuff with Class D.

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Not sure I understand how an EI core transformer can reject AC line noise better than a toroidal core transformer.


The AyreConditioner???

Maybe some possibility these people make bomb detectors also?


I feel your pain GD, Nothing sweeter than a quality 'toons playa' but really some of the bonkers talk is a bit off putting.


Welcome to High-End Audio. The land of spin and misdirection. :stirthepo


No question that there is a lot of snake oil in the industry, and I've been conditioned to believe that you need a toroidal power supply the diameter of a dinner plate, but the proof will always be found in an audition. If it doesnt sound as good as that price tag (and the reviews) would have me believe then my money stays in my pocket - simple.


From what I've seen, most of Bangkok's boutique audio seems to be concentrated in 3 places - Seacon Square, Amarin Plaza and Central World. Biggest hassle for me will be getting the gear - particularly the speakers - back to my hotel, but I look forward to taking that challenge on. Perhaps a couple of nights in a 5-star at the 'big' end of town wont kill me after all. :biggrin:

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BB, I'm going to go out on a limb (!) and suggest that hotels, particularly 5-star hotels, dont like to see Farang gents going up to their rooms with a stout length of rope ..... :yikes:


For those thinking 'its all a wank', this is one of the few Youtube vids I've seen which conveys some inkling of the result I'm looking for. Forget the turntable, the expensive cabling etc - the Bel Canto receiver (!) and the Joseph Audio speakers are doing most of the heavy lifting here, and the female vocals at the beginning of the vid are sublime - that comes across even from my crappy laptop headphone socket.


The Joseph Audio standmount speakers are more than double the sticker price of the receiver - harks back to what I said about not saddling a 100K amp with 50k speakers.




(is it just me, or does the voiceover sound like a deviate who has just crept into someone's bedroom ?)

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Just skip women and booze. yikes.gif


For the sake of two nights in town, I think I can manage that. Its not as if I'll be sitting in a dump in Penang wondering whether I'll ever see my passport again - those visa runs suck bigtime.


Punched some dates into a couple of booking sites and I can stay in a 5-star virtually on top of Siam for two nights at a total price that is less than a single night in a Sydney 4-star. If Bangkok has an abundance of anything, its hotel rooms - just have to make sure I'm avoid the hotels full of Korean and Chinese tour groups. Seriously annoying around lifts and restaurants.

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- just have to make sure I'm avoid the hotels full of Korean and Chinese tour groups. Seriously annoying around lifts and restaurants.

that's a racist remark, Gobbie!


actually the Chinese and Koreans can't stand those Aussie tour groups loitering around in front of hotel check ins, elevators, entrances and jumping queues at immigration, sightseeing spots etc. in China and Korea

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