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Woman Dies In Five-Storey Car Park Plunge


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Police mechanical specialists on Tuesday will examine a car that plunged from the fifth floor of a Chatuchak office building car park, killing the driver, on Friday night.


Royal Thai Police experts will inspect the vehicle at the Phahon Yothin police station to determine if a mechanical malfunction was responsible for the incident, said Pol Capt Thanakrit Wannachote, an investigator at the station.


The incident took place at Rasa Tower on Phahon Yothin Road on Friday evening, when the white Cheverolet Cruze plummeted from the car parking area to the ground, killing Kobkarn Witcharat.


Ms Kobkarn, 40, was a supply chain division manager with Chevrolet Sales (Thailand) Co Ltd, which had offices on the 21st floor of the building.


Officers said she had been driving her vehicle down from the sixth floor of the car park when she lost control of it, with her car eventually plunging from the fifth floor.


Police arrived at the scene to find the woman dead inside the car wreckage.


Police could not confirm whether the fall had been an accident, as they found the automatic gear shift lever of the wrecked car locked in the "Park" position and its handbrake was still functional.


Police so far have not concluded whether the case involved driver error or mechanical failures, said Pol Capt Thanakrit.


Ms Kobkarn had only learned how to drive recently and bought the vehicle two months before the accident took place he said.


Pol Capt Thanakrit brushed aside any link to foul play, saying that the driver was seen on closed-circuit TV walking to her car and driving it alone.


The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will also be contacted to inspect the building's car park layout and determine why the car collided with the concrete barrier and fell.


Anekbhand Thambovornpong, a senior public relations manager of Chevrolet Sales Thailand, said company staff were providing full information to the police.


He said the Cruze model in question had been sold worldwide and there had been no reports of mechanical problems that would have caused such an accident.


The company was making every effort to look after Ms Kobkarn's family and would also host a funeral ceremony for the woman in Kanchanaburi, he added.





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"had only learned how to drive recently"


Right. 5 laps around a vacant lot and then gotten a license :(




Standards have improved then, it only used to be 3 laps!


About 20 years ago I went with a friend and his Thai wife to a test centre on Eastern Seaboard and she must have crushed every cone laid out on the course. After the test she handed over 1000 THB and received her license. I was teasing her about how she had paid for her license and her reply was "No Bribe, I only pay for cones damaged"


Thai Logic

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The video of this on the news is amazing, there is a security guard on the street who is walking around, then stands still, moments later a part of the car hit within a meter of him, he leaps and the rest of the car hits where he was standing and bounces into the shop fronts.


He had an amazing lucky escape.

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