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Lets start a new subject on TV series as I am sure many are watching them, lets share the newest, the best, the most fun here.....


I'll start.......


- most recent watching :

- Downton Abbey : from the BBC, set beginning of the 20th century, 3rd season, a must see !

- Dexter : already in its 7th season

- Revolution 2012 : as mentioned by Cent, first season, 7th episode

- Once upon a time : a SF combination.....

- Chicago Fire : 1st season, but looks very good.


- for fun :

- two and a half men : good the first 7 season, the new one is "not as good"

- the big bang theory : amazing dialogues

- the middle : fun

- the new normal : first year, but you'll like it.


I know at least anther 40, but lets not overdo this :)



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At the moment I'm watching:

- The Walking Dead

- Arrow

- Elementary (Sherlock Holmes set in modern day, with Lucy Liu playing Watson)


Agree re Dexter as well, very good. Have watched the first 5 seasons, but not any of the ones after yet.


Used to watch Supernatural, True Blood and Fringe as well, but they all fall in the trap of becoming too weird after the first few seasons.



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