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Extremely Confused


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Gentlemen ,


my sincerest apologies for not having contributed for some time which was entirely due to comitments of the commercial type .


I shall leave for the kingdom on this very Thursday and did some basic cultural research only to come across a website that seems to promote a newly (?) established property called Dr. BJ Nuru massage , based Soi 7/1 .


I may explain at this stage that many moons ago I followed precise instructions how to find the headquarters of the Thai bible society and finally arrived at a place called Annie's massage Soi 4 somewhere . Disgusting I may say . It took me full 2 hours to realise how disgusting it really is .


To avoid similar errors I did now come across the aforementioned Dr. BJ's Nuru massage establishment and after thorough inspection I have a strong feeling that there is something löike a close connection to Annie's massage . Even the ladies on the photos are identical if you ask me .


May I respectfully invite the community to enlighten me if Dr. BJ is something that should be avoided at any cost or if I should not hesitate to explore another precious point of interest in the big city .


Thank you in advance

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Gentlemen ,


research , innovation and improvement of the human existence is all I have been struggling for since I am walking upright ; hence I did not stop looking for further details about Dr. BJ' mystery place . Here is a super official statement of a Mrs Aey , obviously in charge of Annie's massage .





So to stop all the talking and that everyones understanding.


Annie's is part of many places my job is kind of area manager for most of those places but most of my time is in Annie's. I'm now opening places out of the Annie's networking. Dr Bj's I wanted to open many years ago but when I found the location I wanted and I was about to invest in all the work that was needed the yellow shirts happened. I then some time later found another location and was about to sign a contract for a place and start the work, then the red shirts started happening. Some time laters again I find a place I want to open Dr, Bj's and no yellow shirt and no red shirt so time to open. This is not totally mine I am a partner with 2 people not Thai. One is Dr Bj himself, he is away from Thailand at the moment but will be in Bangkok in the next 3 or 4 weeks and will be the person for all emails and contact when you go in. He will be starting up a lot of hi5, facebook twitter and things like that as he likes it a lot. The other partner is involved in many other night bar businesses and will not be seeing very much of him. I will be there sometimes in making sure all is good with Thai parts of the business.


The website has been made a fun and not serious and wanting to make people laugh and understand coming into Dr Bj is a fun lite place. It is themaned in the style of a Dr clinic 50% and salon 50%, you will all understand why when you come in. Ladies will be wearing themaed clothes also. The service is very different to what happens in other BJ places and we wanted to make it a very new thing for not only this style place but for all of nightlife for Thailand. opening date was 1st of October but now the 6th which may move again. The website I have been told is not 50% finish and will not be until the day we open.


I really can not answer too many questions about it as this is really down to Dr BJ but I will answer what I can but I know he will want me to say something like, no tell anyone anything better they come in to look.

I hope Dr. BJ is back in the meantime and dedicates all his time to fruitful work at his place . We will see .

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I love this found at the bottom of the home page:


"Dr. BJ's Salon Bangkok is already aiming for future openings in:


Phuket (Patong Beach) Sukhumvit soi 24 (Bangkok), Patphong, Hua Hin, Pattaya (walking Street), Kho Samui, Chan Mai, Kong Khen, Manila, Angels City, The Vatican City, Kabul, Falkland Islands, Tehran, Mogadishu and many many more great locations."


Phuket (Patong Beach) Sukhumvit soi 24 (Bangkok), Patphong, Hua Hin, Pattaya (walking Street), Kho Samui, Chan Mai, Kong Khen, Manila, Angels City, The Vatican City, Kabul, Falkland Islands, Tehran, Mogadishu and many many more great locations.

If you have anymore questions please contact us.

E-mail: Click Here

tell:02 651 2563

Address 131/31 sukhumvit soi 7/1 10110 Bangkok 10110 Thailand.



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