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Traffic Rules - Who Needs 'em?


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Was at Mengjai yesterday morning sitting in a taxi. 2 lanes waiting for the lights to change, 2 oncoming lanes. Didn't take long before one of the oncoming lanes was used by cars / motorbikes wanting to go right and not willing to wait. This while there was still oncoming traffic coming as well. TIT and such, but it got worse. At one point a car used the one remaining lane to belt past everyone else. And this was in front of a school and in front of a traffic cop, who of course didn't give a shit!


20K+ deaths in traffic a year, I wonder why? :(



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Wireless Road, Petchaburi and Suk Soi 3 has saved me a fortune over the years, for Soi 1 nip through Bumrungrad from Suk Soi 3


Thailand has some farked up rules but a whinging Farang will get you nowhere, you learn the tricks quickly.


Another one that always caught mo out was getting in the expressway from Cheua Plearng Road at the port side entrance rquiring a U Turn on Ratchadapesik road, using the U Turn on Ratxhada wa a bit dodgy since it meant cutting across 3 lanes in about 25 meters and cost me 500 Baht so next time I used the junction at Tawaen Daeng and was also stopped for an illegal U TUrn, I argued that there was no sign there saying "No U Turn" and the reply was that there was no sigh saying a U Turn was allowed, Thai Logic. I soon learned and turned right past Tawaen Daeng then 50 Meters up the road a right turn onto Rama III, took an extra 5 minutes but saved me 500 Baht.


I have often said that if one was to apply western logic in Thailand you would have a nervous breakdown within 6 months, many years ago I learned not to argue just smile and go with the flow, it's the only way to retain what little sanity I still have remaining.

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