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10 Days In The Kingdom Of Laos

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OK, got a bit of time on my hands so I'll give this another shot.   Day 1 (1 December 2012)   Took TG570 from Swampy to Vientiane, arriving at about 1pm. You have to apply for a visa on arrival so

Munchie / Coss -   This post is the main reason I'm still on this forum.   Coss - I really would love to come up there for a few days. I'll PT (private topic) you to work out the details.   Che

Day 2 (2 December 2012) As promised Coss was at my hotel at 8.30am and surprisingly a bleary eyed Munchie was ready and waiting! We then went to pick up MLGBF and MLGBF’ sister and then hea

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try sending a jock to norway then!!!

I bet he will refuse to pay any bill here & would accuse them of overpricing/scamming cuz it's freaking unbeliable expensive :p


I'm in Hong Kong at the moment so no need to tell me about expensive, particularly for the alcoholic beverages!

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well try me fat cunt :)

1) glass of water = 40nok

2) glass of coke = 50nok

3) 33cl beer ~ 70++nok

4) 50cl beer ~100++nok

5) taxi from airport ~ 1500++nok


HK expensive? na :p

I was there a few months back & loving every minute of it especially the fresh mountain air :)


p.s. 1eur~8nok

p.p.s. a beer in a norwegian agogo similar or cheaper than regular bar/pub/club ~ 80nok !!! :shhh:

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