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10 Days In The Kingdom Of Laos

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Going back up on Saturday so definitely need to get this finished!


Day 6 (6 December 2012)


Left my hotel early afternoon and wandered down to the Mekong but took a right turn this time and just ambled along taking pics of some of the lovely buildings (pics included in Day 7 report).


After a while I arrived at Wat Xieng Thong (Temple of the Golden City), which is apparently one of the most important temples in Laos. Built around 1560 it was currently being renovated. Entrance fee was Kip 20,000, about Baht 80.








After all this arduous walking and climbing of steps I stopped at one of the river restaurants for a LBL, which was quite pricey at Baht 69 (Baht 58 at the Aussie Bar)!.




After I headed for the Aussie Bar but on the way climbed some steps to Wat Pak Khan where I got chatting to a friendly young monk.








On the way home I stopped in at the Icon Klub, which is not your typical Luang Prabang bar, quite an arty sort of place really. Must have been good though as I stayed for 11 Black Sodas and the bill of Kip 440,000 (Baht 1,700) was by far my biggest of the trip.







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I never did get to Luang Prabang. On my first visit to Laos, the communists were ambushing vehicles on the road. On my second visit, I didn't have time. But some day! :beer:

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Day 7 (7 December 2012)


Today was another lazy day just wandering along the river taking pictures and stopping for the occasional LBL refreshment.


Went to the Aussie Bar late afternoon as usual and on the way home stopped for something to eat at a place called S Bar. Don’t recall much about S Bar other than it was crap.


Finished the day with a few glasses of Merlot and a cigar while watching the night sky outside the Pak Luk Wine Bar.


A few of the beautiful buildings in Luang Prabang





The pavements are all made of brick and are all in excellent condition.




Where the Khan River meets the Mekong River.




River life.








An old mercedes.




Maybe I'll try a bike next time and explore a bit further.



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Great merc! Years ago I arrived at the bridge, the usual crappy cars and one crappy old merc, I was so happy to see it I paid double the standard rate much to my staff amusement.

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That....HAS.....been noticed




Love the pics...keep 'em coming..


Cheers DS

i agree.

been a pleasure to read and see the pics..... :applause:

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