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10 Days In The Kingdom Of Laos

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OK, got a bit of time on my hands so I'll give this another shot.   Day 1 (1 December 2012)   Took TG570 from Swampy to Vientiane, arriving at about 1pm. You have to apply for a visa on arrival so

Munchie / Coss -   This post is the main reason I'm still on this forum.   Coss - I really would love to come up there for a few days. I'll PT (private topic) you to work out the details.   Che

Day 2 (2 December 2012) As promised Coss was at my hotel at 8.30am and surprisingly a bleary eyed Munchie was ready and waiting! We then went to pick up MLGBF and MLGBF’ sister and then hea

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Update from return trip last month


Day 4 (4 December 2012) – Part 1 (due to restriction on number of photos in a post)

Next we visited the Lao People’s Army History Museum, which was just across the road and surely had to be better than the People's Security Museum.Unfortunately we never got to find out as it was hosting a ceremony of some kind and was closed to the public.


We went back again this trip but once again it was closed so no chance to see inside other than a peak through a half opened door. :banghead:


We drove around the back though and found another collection of military hardware, mainly American.


Troop carrier?



Small plane, perhaps for reconnaissance?



Huey (probably won't fly again)



Willys Jeep



Gas tank under the drivers seat, good design!



155mm Howitzer M1A1



105mm Howitzer M2A



75mm Pack Howitzer M1A


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The forward air controllers flew 0-1 Bird Dogs were known as The Ravens. They provided the intelligence needed to order the US bombers hitting NV units operating in the HCM trail in Laos. The Ravens were a secret program that suffered very high casualty rates. These planes needed to fly low and slow in order to observe VC units, that is why they suffered such high loss rates.

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