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10 Days In The Kingdom Of Laos


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Update from return trip last month




Unfortunately the Icon Klub was closed although it was to reopen on 14 July.





Amazing I learn something everyday 15th in Laos means 14th in English, do they miss out 13 like many Thai Apartments and Office blocks?

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For anyone visiting Luang Prabang (highly recommended btw) I discovered these places on my most recent trip.


Café Ban Vat Sene






Had brunch here a couple of times and it was very pleasant. An Oirish mate of mine and his wife who visit Luang Prabang every year go here for breakfast every morning.


Joma Bakery Cafe






Stopped here a couple of times on my wanders. Very nice place for coffee, made to order sandwiches, pizza, soup, bakery items, etc. they also have branch in Vientiane but didn’t make it there.


Dao Fa Bistro








Couldn’t find a website for it.


Didn’t eat here just had a few LBL’s on a couple of occassions. More expensive for a beer than anywhere else I’d been but a very relaxing place to chill and one of the waitresses was very nice to. Wish I'd found this place the first time I went to LP.

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A very descriptive and informative read - indeed.


Laos is on my bucket list.


Mr. Munch. Would you make a short list of all of the hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops you visited? Please include the name, address, and telephone number of each.


Will make it much easier for the rest of us.

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I had no idea Laos in the pics looks so neat. Not rich but appears clean. Good serial, enjoyed it.


I love visiting Laos, since it is much like Thailand was 30+ years ago. Even the small upcountry Thai city I lived in back then is completely changed. Laos is not. It is still laid back and friendly.

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