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Baht 170 For A Black Soda?!


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Yesterday, after picking up my order from Raja's I walked up Sukhumvit towards Cowboy but stopped on the way at The Black Swan for a refreshment. It's a nice little pub and seems well patronised. Food looks and smells good to.


Anyway I had a pint of Heineken and two Black Sodas and the bill was Baht 440, which sounds quite reasonable, except that it was happy hour and the pint of Heineken was Baht 100, meaning the two Black Sodas were Baht 340 or Baht 170 each?! Actually the Blacks Labels were Baht 150 each but they charge for the bottle of soda separately at Baht 40. So if you only had one Black Soda it would cost you Baht 190!!


Got to be the most expensive Black Sodas of any farang pub in Bangkok? :down:


After I stopped into the Cowboy and had a few Black Sodas at Afterschool where they charge a quite reasonable Baht 110. :up:

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Happy hour at the Doll House lasts until 9.30PM, all drinks 70 baht. I took myself to Christmas dinner at the Ship Inn, where my half pint of Heinecken cost me 85! Then I wandered to the DH, where my G&T's were 15 baht less than that. :xmascheer


p.s. For what you paid for the Black Sodas, there should at least have been naked damsels dancing in front of you! :hmmm:

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Have not been in The Black Swan for almost 4 years, so my info is a tad dated


Always found it to have very good food, albeit like the drinks, somewhat expensive. The Roast Pork Roll was very tasty


Had a (yes 1) Drink with my Brother.the week before last in Queen Vic Soi 23 to celebrate the results from my hospital visit and was surprised that a Dumsoda was close to the price you mentioned at Black Swan.....cant remember exactly but it was somewhere around 155 or 160 from memory


LOL....not drinking is saving me a small fortune


Would thoroughly recommend the food at Queen Vic....again, not the cheapest in town, but very good quality....try the Lamb Shanks...

Cheers DS

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Oh No,


MM has turned into on of those geeks who takes pictures of their meal and post them online.


If I'm in a venue and think I might post about it I'll take a picture(s) of it and the same applies to food in a restaurant.


Funny, but I don't recall you calling Torneyboy, who posted hundreds of pictures of the food in restaurants he ate at, a geek?


But hey, better a geek than a habitual :liar:



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