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Anyone Remember The Good Old Days?


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NEP / Cowbiy / Patpong have gone in cycles as the most / least expensive. However, with drink prices well north of Bt100 in even the bars around NEP, though we may be talking about Bt20/30 in absolute terms, there is probably less than 15-20% difference between them all. At that margin, is it worth bothering ? The choice is surely whether to partake anywhere or not.


Queens Park ? Saphan Kwai ? Tawan Daeng ? 7-Eleven beers in your hotel room with a freelancer or 3 ? ;)


Most of the Farang hanging out of the bars at the front of NEP seem to be there to watch the zoo across the road, at least up till 10 or 11 at night - IME, its cheaper to do that from Golden Bar, but I guess we all have our preferences.

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