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Scoot Leaves Passengers Stranded At Changi


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In the proud (?) tradition of Tiger Airways, Scoot has drawn attention to the joys of flying with a no-frills airline that seems to consider 'passenger welfare' among the list of frills. Exactly why they allowed a non-accompanied minor to fly in the first place is something I cant even begin to fathom ....


Must have been fun to watch people jostling for position in the queue when it was announced that they needed 'volunteers' to stay behind : full marks to the pricks who pushed ahead of a family with small children. There is no way I would have hung around for 7 hours if Scoot allowed me to get on another flight - either one of theirs or Air Asia - but once you are at the departure gate I dont know how practical it is for airport staff to make those arrangements.




HUNDREDS of passengers, including an unaccompanied minor, have been left to fend for themselves for two days at Singapore Airport after budget airline Scoot allegedly overbooked flights.


One passenger stuck in Singapore told news.com.au he was currently sleeping in the transfer terminal of Changi airport.


"Scoot reps left us but Changi staff have provided water and blankets,†he said. "There is a family with two small children, and a minor travelling alone who would have no way to get accommodation waiting for the next flight.â€


"Scoot basically said the only thing they will do is place us on next flight in 20 hours and you're on your own, the rep at terminal refused our requests to speak to management or any other staff Scoot staff at the airport.â€


A Scoot spokesperson told Singapore news a "technical issue†arose when the airline was not able to accommodate 23 passengers on a Singapore -Bangkok- flight. After unsuccessfully seeking volunteers, the last 23 passengers to check in were told that they could not board.


From there it all started to unravel.


Friends of the booted passengers who were already in the boarding area allegedly became disruptive and would not let the flight board.


Seven hours later the 23 passengers did agree to travel at a later date and the aircraft left for Bangkok.


But in Bangkok the problems continued. According to passengers 15 people were taken off the flight back to Singapore due to weight issues. Those passengers have now arrived in Singapore to be told all the flights to Sydney are full. They were told to wait for 23 hours at Changi airport without their bags for the next available flight.


At every point in the plane's journey passengers were allegedly bumped and delayed. Callers to MediaCorp News hotline said flights from Singapore, Bangkok and Tianjin in China were affected. One caller reported that more than 300 passengers were stuck at Changi Airport after their scheduled flight TZ88 to Tianjin did not take off.


A Scoot spokesperson said because of the delayed departure to Bangkok, the flight's return to Singapore was also delayed which eventually caused the Tianjin flight to be pushed back.


Now Scoot passengers are very angry. Stranded and angry.


"It’s a shame there has been no word from Scoot about it, they haven't really been able to tell us anything,†one passenger said.


"Hearing many stories of Scoot delays and angry customers being left in the dark the whole way on other flights also. Not a pleasant experience.â€

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Scoot, like Tiger before it, is another budget effort from Singapore Airlines :




I guess it makes some sort of perverse sense that an airline widely considered as one of the world's best should lump us with two absolute shocker bagain basement offerings. A cynic might even suggest that, like the QANTAS/Jetstar split, its an attempt to bludgeon passengers into accepting that there is value in paying for a seat on a 'full service' airline. (ok - perhaps 'full' service might be stretching it, but you know what they say about FAs and ladders ....... :neener: )

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