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There is exciting news for daytime drinkers, as the Nana Group are now opening all of their beer bars from noon. In addition, 3 go-go bars are also open from noon. The go-go bars that are open in the daytime are - Lollipop, Obsession and Hollywood Rock. Check out the poster below for the full list of bars open from noon daily...



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Daytime Delight - For the first time since Clinton Plaza, daytime drinkers can catch some eye candy with 3 go-go bars opening from NOON in the neon jungle of Nana Plaza. Below is a poster from Lollpop Go-Go Bar. For your information, Lollipop is the first go-go bar on your left as you enter Nana Plaza.


Happy Hour - Local beers and spirits are ONLY 80 BAHT from 12:00 noon till 8:00 PM...



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I'm afraid my day shift experiences in Patts havent been particularly encouraging - hopefully they can do better at Nana, but given that I have been known to stagger up to my room at the Nana Hotel at 7am - having finished the 'evening' out on Soi 4 with some particularly hardcore folk - I doubt that I will have sufficient appetite for either alcohol or company at that hour. Still - choice is good, and to each his own. God knows they have diehards propped up along the front of Golden Bar from 10am each morning .... :yikes:


(does anyone recall a thread from some years back where one of our more serious mongers flew into LOS for Easter and claimed to have returned to his desk the following Tuesday morning in London with little more than the odd catnap here and there for the duration ? Must have been some crackerjack productivity in the office that day ..... )

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