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I did 3 months for a company in Iraq after the troop pull out in early 2012, at my first R&R I said screw that and left. Security there is a joke can't spend money if you are dead. Coming back to BKK in April.




Glad you got out with your sanity intact but I will miss you in April I am heading back to the UK for a few months in a couple of weeks time, after the past couple of years I have had I need a break plus I need to get back into the Job Market so once an opportunity came up I decided to take it.





I remember drinking in Lucky Lukes with Bob at around the same time he was considering taking over Hogs Breath, he had worked with a few guys I had worked with in the Past and once he took over it became the "Unofficial Bangkok Clubhouse" for a major Global Engineering Company, most of the photo's he had on the wall were from previous projects he had worked on. I have picked up a few jobs from contacts I made in Hogs Breath over the years.


Not sure what happened to Bob once he sold up, we were never that close, but the lass who was his head cashier is now Mamasan at a GoGo on Soi Cowboy, I think she is at Afterskool but it has been 2-3 years since I was last down that way, if not it is a Non Arab Gogo on the same side of the Soi Halfway down, but not Sam's 2000.

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I liked Bob, We we talking one day when his former company called and wanted him to go to the middle east for some work.Sticking point was they did not want to pay his housing allowance untill he was there, but wanted him to sign on the dotted line that week to lock him in..

I asked about doing driver work hauling machinery. He said he could hook me up if I wanted. I made a few calls for what I had going on at the time and would of lost money. Could not put a driver in my trk. under the contract that I had.


My one friend. I will call him that. Wanted to do it. Bob asked what he had done and then Bob told him no place for rookies. Busted his little bubble...He got mad...

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I received a Skype from one of my friends that lives in BKK, he informed me that you can now buy a braclet for 600 baht and drink in six different Nana ground floor bars from 1200-1800 everyday. This covers all drinks not just draft beer and bar brands, that's a cheap afternoon. Lady drinks are 90 baht.


Whoof, S1


Hey Sand-dawg, haven't seen this bracelet thing - do you know what bars it covers and where you can pick it up? (My bar tab is usually pretty sick).

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I'm afraid my day shift experiences in Patts havent been particularly encouraging - hopefully they can do better at Nana, but given that I have been known to stagger up to my room at the Nana Hotel at 7am - having finished the 'evening' out on Soi 4 with some particularly hardcore folk - I doubt that I will have sufficient appetite for either alcohol or company at that hour. Still - choice is good, and to each his own. God knows they have diehards propped up along the front of Golden Bar from 10am each morning .... :yikes:


(does anyone recall a thread from some years back where one of our more serious mongers flew into LOS for Easter and claimed to have returned to his desk the following Tuesday morning in London with little more than the odd catnap here and there for the duration ? Must have been some crackerjack productivity in the office that day ..... )


A buddy I worked with a few years back does that. He is HUNGRY for it and takes weekend trips to Thailand! The man is a hound-dog! :)

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BOOZE CRUISE - Revised times for the daytime drinking in Nana Plaza Beer Garden - "All You Can Drink For ONLY 599 Baht" is now 1:00 - 6:00 PM daily. HAPPY HOUR 80 Baht Per Drink is now 1:00 - 8:00 PM. This still includes - LOLLIPOP, OBSESSION and HOLLYWOOD ROCK GO-GO BARS. New poster below...



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