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Celebrate St. Patricks Day On March 17Th

Dave The Rave

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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day this coming Sunday, March 17th at Nana Plaza Beer Garden. The party kicks off at 1:00 PM with an "All You Can Drink" Happy Hour for ONLY 599 baht. The "Booze Cruise" is for spirits and local beers.


If you prefer to order one at a time, it is 80 baht per drink. The "All You Can Drink" special runs from 1:00 PM till 6:00 PM. The 80 baht Happy Hour runs from 1:00 till 8:00 PM.


You can drink at all of the Nana Group Beer Bars on the ground level in Nana Plaza and this super saver also includes 3 go-go bars - LOLLIPOP, OBSESSION and HOLLYWOOD ROCK.


This Sunday will be a Fun Day with the girls wearing stickers, so you can rub their Shamrocks for good luck!



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This sounds like a typical Thai........ Huge Special deal....

Please correct me if I'm wrong here....but didn't someone recently post about an "Afternoon Special"...where you got a ....drink all you can.....wrist band....for 600 Baht....for the same time frame...???


There should be a huge rush of....Balloon chasers....diving in to grab the massive 1 baht saving



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St. Patricks Day is all about fun 'n' frolics, so their will be face painting, party music, jesters hats, green beer, plus a few surprises! If you are a drinker the "All You Can Drink For 599 Baht" is a great drinks deal. Several go-go bars in Soi Cowboy now charge an extortionate 190 baht for a standard drink.


Remember that this special Happy Hour also applies to LOLLIPOP, OBSESSION and HOLLYWOOD ROCK GO-GO BARS during Happy Hour in Nana Plaza.


Dont forget, the girls will be wearing Shamrocks, so make sure you rub them for good luck!

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Your advert is misleading


The 599 Baht all you can drink is only applicable to Local Beers ie Singha, Chang and Leo yet the 190 you quote for Soi Cowboy is for premium imported beers.


So 1-6 5, 5 hours, I am back Jan the UK at the moment paying 85 Baht for a pint of Carlsberg long gone are the days when I used to shift over 7 pints in 5 hours, these are UK pints not the 80% measures Americans are fobbed off with. Just over 4.1 liters or 16 bottles of Singha, not much of a bargain now is it

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