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The Anything Goes Music Thread!


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Epic song :applause:


Back at ya.....



Never one to shirk a challenge ... How about a tune from "Polly" Nicks ex from the mid 90's, they were shagging each other after doing some collaboration work together P.J.Harvey ... yep a British Lass







She is waiting in the wings for Patti's crown

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OK Bust


One back to you


It is "The Anything Goes Music Thread"


This Ain't no Love Song, Public Image etc well know Rotten / Lydon / PIL tunes, for me "Black Rubber Bag" is the one ... not a fetish a son,g people who ignore John Lydon are missing out IMHO, so stupid it is good in it's own way


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Good call on Go4 never realised they made it down under, often quoted by Curbain (when he was alive) Flea (RHCP) and Michael Stipe (REM) as an influence


Back to my roots, (confession time) I may have been born in Salford England but just a wee sprog from Th'Oirish immigrants, I was bashing a Bodran (Goat Skin on frame drum) and blowing an Ultiean (Irish Flute) before I could say "Fuck Off". Three sayings learned at an early age, Mam, Pop and Fuck off.


Classic Gaelic "Fiddle Da' De" it is the Bodran and the Ultiean which make the sound, not all Irish music is "Folk Fiddle La De" still employed in modern day ... my soft spot I love Gaelic Rock and not many know it, but so what?


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