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The Anything Goes Music Thread!


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1 hour ago, My Penis is hungry said:

So much for no longer mentioning children


It seems you just can't stop.


Sorry KS I did try to steer the thread back to music with a common interest in Morlan


Failed sadly


I concur,

According to This List 5 out 7 Musical Child Prodigies are Male yet Someone concentrates on the 29% female minority.


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What do you mean “We have been asked to stop” do you think that you are exempt from KS coment asking to stop? You re@lily are full of yourself.

OK, ai will bite, as previously mentioned over 70% of child prodigies are male, yet all you do is post videos of females does that not appear a little weird.

Also, estimates put the number around 100,000,000 musicians in the world of which approx 200,000 are classed as prodigies, so prodigies make up 0.2% of world musicians female prodigies 0.06% of such.

Yet somehow you pick on this 0.06% and continue to post this minority of an “anything” thread.    …     Creepy.

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Paul101 and My Penis is hungry, whilst it is obvious that your mutual dislike for each other, has again flared, I ask a simple question:

Have you two got nothing else to do, at Christmas, than bait and slap each other?

Maybe you could exchange video call details and take it offline, then scream at each other like children, without involving the venerable Thai360 board.

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