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The Anything Goes Music Thread!


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  • 2 weeks later...

For some reason the lyrics reminded me of a lot of realationships in Bangkok:


"...playin' detective,wanna' know it, too

Goin' through my pockets, searchin' for clues

Trying to follow me, you and the desperate crew

The end of this relationship was long overdue

Now what you did was cute, girl' you spent the loot

Easy on the tears, oops, 'mind you'll soil the suit

Do yourself a favor, and find a new recruit

And don't take it personal. because you got the boot..."



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I photographed them at East Leagues club, he was totally out of it, so we had a doctor give him a massive vitamin shot which made him able to do the show, I went back to being a bouncer. Officially I was bouncer/photographer, great night. The doctor was the father of one of the innovators of weekend long concerts in brisvegas, he did a operation on me for something horses get, lucky me having vets for wifes to diagnose what pregnant women, horses and me got, eventually disbarred, fun family

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