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The Anything Goes Music Thread!


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I have always loved music of any kind really, through classical and opera too trance and most things inbetween. I see music as an expression of someone's soul. There is no bad music in my opinion, only music I personally do not like, or I do not like at the moment is is played as it doesnt reflect my mood. I hate it when people diss music, just because you do not lke it doesnt mean it is bad. If there is just one person liking a piece of music it has reached its purpose imho.





Just like my mantra, there is music that I appreciate and music that others appreciate, the fact that I don't appreciate certain genres of music does not detract from its appeal to others.


Top Tune Senegal meets USA



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Nice nice nice gentlemen! Great tunes there (both Bust and Mekong). Youssou N'Dour is a true artist. Long time ago I watched a concert of him. Couldnt understand the songs. But full of passion he performed!


Now I cannot offer much in return but I really like this whacky song :)


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