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It's Been Awhile, But Who Is Left On This Board?


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It's been awhile, but who is left on this board?


Last time I was shooting out dribble, there was alot of debate about the significance/tenure of this/the board. A quick glimpse of recent posts reveal a lack of vigour - is it that bad or did I just get back to base during a holiday period?

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Lots of laughs ...


However, it's funny how those old adages ring true ... you don't know what you've got until it's gone.


Good to see an old familiar poster ... I remember when you were a nervous first timer, but a constant poster (as one can see from 10,000 excess posts).


Maybe they should do a sociology review as to the changing faces of forums in geograhphical regions to to review social norms of old forums. Although, it seems a shame, there has been a lot of wisdom posted here, maybe in jest or in forethought.


I did note that an old timer has since gone Eyebee ... RIP


So, the count so far is 1 ...

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I don't know how old timer I be, but quite a few, like me have achieved or not, the goal of their dreams. And many like me, I feel used this board as access to the life, a glimpse of the dream.


Add to that the insanity of the bars these days, compared to the friendliness of yore, and I think that a lot of us feel that western flavoured mongering has arrived and is here to stay.

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Yeah, it's pretty dead - most of the longtimers are out shopping for bikinis and super-soakers for Songkran. 'Revenge of the Farang' - coming soon to a Soi near you.


I'll have you know my....Mankini is.....simply .....stunning....dark ling


...and it's 5 sizes smaller than last year....(but NOT in the crutch.....lol)


besides...being a kia neow farang.....I put last year's Super Soakers in plastic bags on top of the wardrobe

....reminds me...I must get then down this week...

Gobble old mate....next year you can rent one from me


...mate's rates and all.....555

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