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It's Been Awhile, But Who Is Left On This Board?


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Slimeytoad vanished long ago, maybe went home to Blighty. I offered to meet him several times, but he wanted to stay anonymous. From his stomping grounds, I figured we must work near each other. I may even have encountered him, but not under his board persona. His MP reports were fantastic.


Actually, a fair number of old board posters - here and at Nanapong - are still around. They just don't post anymore. I see them now and then. Most have tamed down considerably. :(


Still here.


Sometimes it feels as if everything has either been said or is available on the wider net. In the very early days, there was nowhere near as much info out there. Besides the sanuk aspect of this board, whenever I encouraged newbies to join the board, I would tell them that they could get the answer to ANY question they asked, from "What's the best way to get to ..." to "Anybody know where I can get a haircut without the risk of a blowjob? " ( I think that was an actual question asked on here!).


I believe the comraderie was valuable for many, as we were all strangers in a strange land, and there was a group solidarity, evidenced by the meetups at various places (do any of those even happen anymore?). I even have paraphernalia leftover from the big (money losing for KS) get together (can't remember the name of it right now). Several of the names that are in this thread were present at that meeting.


Anyway, I am still around, lurking ever so rarely. I would surely miss this board if it was no longer around, much as one would miss the death of a friend that one sees only every 5 years, but still cherishes.


I also miss the Nana girl game. :)

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