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It's Been Awhile, But Who Is Left On This Board?


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Phil was ok when i spoke to him last...a few months ago.

a kindred soul because of Phuket and the area,but like me did become sad about some of the changes.

Phil is alive and well. At least he was over the last weekend when I met up with him in person. HH

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only if you can spell the word correctly !


Fair point, and I apologise to the brewers for my tragic effort - its been way too long since I've had any kind of 'Hiney' ! ;)


(for years, I mistakenly thought it was an American beer like Bud - imagine my surprise when I found out that its considerably more alcoholic .... )

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I guess life moves on and for some, the adhesion to Thailand loses its grip.


As to Facebook being the end of boards, I truly don't think so. Back in the day, there were a couple of boards around and many of the same people on all. Now even individual bars have forums and everything you used to search out from within a forum is out there in the greater web without any need to register or post. We come here because this and a few other places are where it started in cyberspace, where we "met" others like us.


Just as the mobile phone killed the attitudes of the girls and gave them the power which bars and punters once had, the spreading of quality forum members across so many boards means traffic is light and new entrants are few.


The halcyon days are behind us.


I remember when even a suggestion that mongering in Pattaya would diminish to western standards of girls only wanting tips and drinks for a "look but don't touch" would have been laughed out of town. Today we have idiots paying agency pigs Bt1500 plus barfines and Bt3k plus LT when a decade ago we would not have given them space on a stool near us.


I miss my old times but I know I missed the decades before me. It was better then but my time was better than now. How bad will it get in the future ?

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I don't know how old timer I be, but quite a few, like me have achieved or not, the goal of their dreams. And many like me, I feel used this board as access to the life, a glimpse of the dream.


Add to that the insanity of the bars these days, compared to the friendliness of yore, and I think that a lot of us feel that western flavoured mongering has arrived and is here to stay.


I hear you coss. Our time has come and gone.

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