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It's Been Awhile, But Who Is Left On This Board?


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1426, well since that's evidently not his post count I have to assume it's his birth year which, even if he's a Mohamedan, makes him pretty danged old. So old in fact I feel positively feeble. I'll repent and leave the country forthwith, no joke actually as I leave tomorrow for a new job and a six figure salary, yippee. Double yippee cos it's even six figures in good old British poonds!

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Error Code 1426


System error code 1426 means "Invalid hook procedure type." This error code may also display as "ERROR_INVALID_HOOK_FILTER" or as the value 0x592.


Suggests he's the wrong sort of hooker maybe?

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It's been awhile, but who is left on this board?


Last time I was shooting out dribble, there was alot of debate about the significance/tenure of this/the board. A quick glimpse of recent posts reveal a lack of vigour - is it that bad or did I just get back to base during a holiday period?


Hey buddie

There are a few of us around.

The Board still holds value - it's just as one ages life is just not as free as it was years back.

I for one take joy from the 'visits' to the Board - and I get much value from the advice of the posters.


You take care.

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